Southern QA Services
  • Auditing of overseas manufacturers producing steel fabrications for New Zealand projects.
  • Auditing of local manufacturers producing fabrications in New Zealand.
  • Provision of QA consultancy services for local and overseas manufacturers and purchasers.
  • Third Party Inspections / QA services / Expediting.
  • Inspection of major structural steel construction projects including buildings, bridges, and conveyor systems etc for various clients and installations.

Non Destructive Inspection of boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing, including Visual, Radiographic, ultrasonic, and MT/PT inspections to British/European, American, Australian and New Zealand Standards.

  • In-service bridge inspections.
  • Non destructive testing of Hydro-electric generation equipment, including bearings, bolts, thrust bracket, shafts, rotors, runners, scroll casings etc.
  • Inspection of ships hulls (thickness testing) and hull repairs.
  • Eddy current inspection of plant and structures.
  • In-service inspection of heavy plant and construction machinery.
  • Establishment and maintenance of weld procedure and welder qualification records.
  • NDT of passenger ropeway components.