Coating Inspection

Specialised consulting in protective coatings and intumescent fireproofing

Southern QA offers specialised consulting services in protective coatings and intumescent fireproofing that include Specification design input, Specification and ITP (Inspection and Test Plan) review, Auditing of QA systems and supplier capabilities, corrosion surveys and coating failure investigations. 


Coatings inspection services

Our coatings inspection services include third party ITP inspections to establish conformance to Specification.  Inspection and testing are conducted in accordance with the project Specification, include the requirements, methodologies, and test standard as prescribed by AS/NZS 2312 and AS/NZS 5131. The following are examples of inspection and testing conducted:

  • Visual inspection of steel fabrication defects and edge treatment
  • Soluble salt testing
  • Compressed air quality
  • Blast cleanliness and blast profile
  • Condition monitoring
  • Curing of coating
  • Dry film thickness
  • Coating adhesion
  • Low voltage wet sponge testing
  • High voltage spark testing

Southern QA also offers on-site inspection monitoring during extensive maintenance recoats.